Women Canada Shepherd Cilla Grey Sandals & Slippers DY1090011805

Women Canada Shepherd Cilla Grey Sandals & Slippers DY1090011805

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Shepherd Cilla Grey

Shepherd is a Swedish company that makes high quality products using natural sheep’s wool. The company is inspired by constantly changing views, scents and colours. Sheep’s wool is a living material with many great qualities for slippers. The Shepherd Cilla Grey is a popular wool slipper with a trendy slip-on design, making it easy to take them on and off without using your hands. The Cilla Grey is one of the various models of slippers that have a lighter colour and use brushed wool. If your feet get cold or you are looking for a good option to have something comfy to wear then the Shepherd Cilla Grey is a great choice for you.

Good information to know about wool

Sheep wool is a great material for shoes because of its many nice qualities such as antibacterial and air transporting properties. Antibacterial means that your feet won’t start to smell, instead they will just a have lovely scent of wool. The wool will also keep your feet sweat free since the material will absorb the sweat. The slippers also have durable rubber soles for a good grip on the floor. Thanks to this you can you can wear them outside on the porch or the balcony if you want.

Very stylish and comfy slippers

Shepherd Cilla Grey is a very popular slipper model thanks to its practical and beautiful design. You can wear them on cold winter mornings or chilly evenings in the summer. The slippers are very stylish which is why you don’t have to limit yourself and only wear them with comfy clothes. You can also wear them to a nice dinner party at home if your feet are feeling cold. They have a very nice grey colour and on one of the sides you will find a metal Shepherd’s logo.

How to care for sheep wool

Lanolin is the reason behind most of sheep wool’s such amazing qualities. It gives the material a very nice luster and pretty much cleans itself which is why you don’t need to worry about washing your slippers. Every now and then you can freshen them up with lanolin that you can buy in a shoe shop. You can also occasionally air them out for a nice and clean feel.Show more.Show less.